How Overthinking Doesn’t Help You at All

By Sharon Moore on May 18, 2017

Do you fret about what will happen tomorrow or in the near future? Do you constantly ruminate about the mistakes and failures you had yesterday and in the past? Overthinking is something that most of us are accustomed to. Of course, everyone talks about a situation occasionally, getting yourself to overthink does not help… at all. And here are the reasons why: 

It makes it difficult to solve a problem. 

Research says that people think that ruminating on a problem can help them solve it. Unfortunately, research also shows that it doesn’t. Basically, overanalysing prevents problem-solving because too much time is spent on the problem itself than the solutions.

It causes anxiety and depression.

Even simple decisions like what to wear at an occasion or where to go for a vacation can cause so much stress and anxiety if you overthink. How much more the things that require major decisions like career change, financial investments, health, etc. The worst thing is overthinking doesn’t only make you anxious. It can lead to more serious mental health problems too, including depression. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology has found that dwelling on shortcomings, mistakes and failures raises one’s risk of mental illness.

It makes you unhappy.

Consequently, overthinking makes you unhappy as it makes you more of a pessimist and less of an optimist. Overthinking makes you lose your ability to look at the silver lining in the cloud, seeing nothing but problems along the way.

It makes your life complicated.

Children don’t have so much complexity in their lives. And that’s because they haven’t developed the hobby of overthinking. Whereas many adults seem to have mastered this ability, causing too much complication in their life. The thing most of us forget is that overthinking changes nothing. No matter how much you worry about a problem, nothing is going to change.

It triggers insomnia.

With all those worries and negative things running through your mind, it is not unlikely that you will soon develop sleep problems, such as insomnia. When your mind is mulling over something over and over again, it is hard to nod off. As this pattern continues, your sleep quality declines until it becomes a real problem.

Overthinking can surely drag you down and spoil your efforts to success. Instead of worrying too much, focus on things you can control, identify your fears, and focus on problem-solving than ruminating. Also create a plan to manage your stress and develop healthy affirmations. Overthinking is a habit that may be hard to quit, but you can certainly get over it.

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