Great Reasons to Eat Greek Yogurt Everyday

By Lisa Franchi on May 17, 2017

Greek yogurt is becoming more popular than ever. Unlike its sweeter version, Greek yogurt undergoes an extra step wherein the excess water, lactose, and minerals are drained out, leaving less carbohydrates, less sugar, and more tart taste. It is very creamy, and goes perfectly well with some healthy add-ons like nuts, dried fruits, berries, and seeds.

But how does eating Greek yogurt benefit your health?

Stronger immunity

One of the greatest benefits of eating Greek yogurt is that it enhances your immunity. This creamy snack is packed with probiotics – healthy bacteria that not only improve your digestive health but also greatly strengthens your immune system. Without a healthy balance between the bad and good bacteria in your stomach, your immunity decreases and you become more susceptible to various diseases. Eating fermented foods is one way to boost your probiotic intake.

Higher protein content

If you’re looking to up your protein intake, adding yogurt to your diet is a brilliant idea. Just one serving of this tangy yet delicious superfood contains much higher protein content than milk. Having sufficient amount of protein in your body is essential in regulating various bodily functions, including those that affect your immune system, nerves, and fluid balance. Protein is also essential in ensuring that you have healthy bones, muscles, hair, and skin.

Better mental health

Yes, eating Greek yogurt benefits your mental health too! You’ve probably heard about this – your stomach is your second brain. Research shows that a healthy mind corresponds to a healthy mind. By increasing your intake of probiotics, you also get to improve your mental prowess. In a randomised trial which tested the effects of probiotics published in the journal Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity, it was found that people who took probiotics are less likely to experience distress and thoughts about sadness, as well as thoughts of hurting themselves.

More calcium

Calcium is a very essential mineral that does not only play a key role in bone health but also in building strong muscles and regulating vital organ functions. A serving of Greek yogurt contains 8.7 per cent of the daily recommended intake of calcium.


If you think yogurt is just protein and calcium, you are wrong. It also contains many other essential nutrients, such as potassium which balances out sodium and helps lower blood pressure. It also has vitamin B-12 which your body needs to form cells, and is essential in brain functions and DNA synthesis. If you’re a vegetarian or simply cutting back on meat, yogurt is an excellent source of the vitamin B-12. Greek yogurt is also a good source of iodine which is important in thyroid function. Iodine deficiency can cause serious problems, including rapid fluctuations in weight.

Not all yogurt is made equal. While there are lots of flavoured, sweet versions available in the market today, nothing beats the health benefits offered by the plain, creamier Greek yogurt. You can always make it more suitable to your taste by adding other healthy stuff. The choice is endless, from nuts to fruits and seeds. You can also add it to your smoothie. 

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