Plants to Put in Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

By Sharon Moore on April 08, 2017

For most people, the bedroom is their sanctuary. It’s a sacred place. It’s where we allow ourselves to just be us. It’s also the place where our mind and body recuperates and get ready again for another day.

There’s no wonder why many people invest heavily in sprucing up their bedroom, from buying highly expensive beds to linens, pillows, and lights. But sometimes, you need not to spend so much. Creating and maintaining good sleep hygiene starts with a clean space that is just intended for relaxation and sleep. You can start by decluttering your space and limiting activities that shouldn’t be done in the bedroom (like eating or working). Another thing you can do is add plants. Yes – plants!

Not only do they add beauty in your bedroom, these amazing plants can also promote better sleep:


When it comes to promoting sleep, this plant is on top of the list. Lavender gets its amazing health benefits from its wonderful aroma that is known to induce sleep and lower anxiety. The scent of lavender slows your heart rate, thus, lowering your stress levels. Place a small pot of lavender on your bedside table. You will surely wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated. If you can’t find one, you can use lavender essential oil instead. Dab a small drop on your pillow and fall into its magic, sleep-enhancing spell!

Snake Plant

This beautiful plant requires little care and attention, making it a great indoor plant. But how does it benefit you? Basically, snake plant improves quality of air throughout your home by emitting fresh oxygen into the atmosphere during the night. Yes, that means they remove carbon dioxide and filter out toxins in the air, keeping quality air circulating as you sleep.


Rosemary is something you’d want to have in the kitchen most likely. But you can also have it in your bedroom. This herb has a really fragrant smell. But more than that, it also improves the overall air quality in confined spaces.

English Ivy

Why invest so much on air purifiers when you can have English Ivy in your room? This very powerful natural air purifier can even remove air moulds! This makes it a great addition to your bedroom especially if you are suffering from mould sensitivities and breathing difficulties.


Just like lavender, jasmine’s sleep-enhancing abilities come from its scent. In addition to promoting good quality of sleep, it is also known to increase mental alertness and productivity. Jasmine was also found to be effective in helping reduce anxiety and depression.

Adding these five plants to your bedroom is a great way to improve your quality of sleep at night and ultimately, make your day a great one as well.

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