Three Types of Learning that Boost Your Chances of Success

By Rebecca Lewis on March 09, 2017

You work hard every day, spending eight hours (sometimes more) in the office. But then, you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward with your career. Your colleagues have climbed up the ladder, and there you are - in the same cubicle. You do pretty well at work. So you wonder what’s different about you.

If you’re more like this, there’s a strategy that many successful people do, which you may find really helpful. They call it the ‘five-hour rule’. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg all have done this and they claim it really pave way towards their success.

This rule is simple: you dedicate five hours of your week learning. You don’t have to do it straight in one sitting. You can allocate one hour of your day, five times a week, on learning and development. And during this time, you focus and avoid distractions.

So what’s the best way to learn? Thankfully, there are plenty of them. And here are three of the best ones:


Yes. As simple as reading can unlock door after door of knowledge and wisdom. Reading is an easy and convenient way to learn. There’s no wonder why successful people share this common habit. Set reading goals over the week. Whatever is suitable to you, you could aim to read a chapter a day or a certain number of books each month.


It’s time to apply what you’ve learned out of reading and gaining knowledge. Experimentation can be a tough, tricky and challenging way of learning. But it can definitely lead you through ground-breaking results! Remember that some of the most successful products were developed out of experimentations. And don’t ever be discouraged whenever your experiment fails because every time it does, you are learning a valuable lesson.


Reflection is at the very core of learning. Trying to gain too much information without reflecting makes you feel overwhelmed and unable to apply the lessons you’ve learned in practical situations. It is important that your reflection time is well-structured and organised. You want to reflect without distractions. Journaling is a great way to reflect because through writing, you are able to fluently organise and express your thoughts. It makes it easy to put together ideas you’ve recently learned and those you gained in the past.

Give yourself time to learn and grow. Do not misconstrue learning with working. You can be spending 40 hours a week working without learning something new. While you are faced with day-to-day problems, you are not giving yourself the opportunity to learn and grow. Learning should be deliberate. So dedicate at least an hour to it every day. Focus on improvement, not just productivity. Once you make learning a habit, you will soon be on your way to success.

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