Amazing Things Therapy Can Do to Your Relationship

By Amy Taylor on March 08, 2017

Many people come to therapy because their relationships are suffering. And so they are. It can be a mum who has depression that prevents her from being a partner she wants to be. A dad whose means of expressing anger and frustration has built walls between him and his children. Or a young lad who has gone addicted to alcohol or drugs, causing him to be alienated from his friends and family.

Therapy comes in many forms and has been proven effective in helping people deal with varying relationship problems. It can lead to remarkable benefits that are experienced not only by the person who suffers but also the people close to them.

So what, in particular, are the amazing things therapy can do to your relationship? Check these out:

First, it makes you feel better. Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety take away one’s natural optimism, energy and ability to communicate with others. It kills someone’s enthusiasm, motivation, sex drive, and even the will to do simple things such as one’s daily routines. Therapy provides a great venue for the treatment of these mental illnesses, allowing a person to feel substantially better and able to function more effectively.

Better sleep. Many people fail to acknowledge the importance of sleep in their everyday life as well as in their relationships. Research shows that lack of sleep makes someone cranky and impatient which are absolutely not good for our relationships. Treating it through therapy like CBT promotes better sleep which leads to a calmer mind, less stress, and better mood - the ingredients to a healthy and happy relationship.

Reduced anxiety. When we are overwhelmed with anxiety, we are not our best selves. So it isn’t really surprising to know that anxiety can take a huge toll in our relationships. For instance, generalised anxiety disorder often leads to tension and irritability, causing conflicts between partners. Therapy allows a person to understand the root cause of their anxiety, what triggers it, and how to handle it. The relief that follows from a successful treatment extends greater harmony in one’s relationship.

Greater presence. Sometimes, people complain of their partners not being there for them or not understanding or feeling them. Presence has such a valuable role in any kind of relationship and is the foundation of a deeper connection. Whether its anxiety, distractions, or inability to communicate and express, bringing our full attention to someone may not be easy for most situations. If you are having difficult practising mindfulness in your personal and social relationships, undergoing mindfulness-based therapies can greatly help. It has been shown in multiple studies to elevate one’s ability to attend to the person we’re with.

Healthier lifestyle. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind. Many relationships suffer because a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, or are consumed by negative habits. Certain therapies are designed to specifically target thoughts and behaviours that make people want to stick to unhealthy habits. They also give greater chances of recovering from addiction. 

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