Five Myths You Should Stop Believing about Cholesterol

By Amy Taylor on March 03, 2017

We all know that high cholesterol levels can cause serious health problems, specifically affecting the heart. And while there are so many sources of information about cholesterol and how it affects our health. But then, we are still surrounded by many myths that prevent us from having healthy cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is always a bad thing.

Many of us think about ‘cholesterol’ as something bad. But actually, there are two types of cholesterol - the good one and the bad. While high cholesterol is dangerous, cholesterol itself is essential to various bodily processes, from insulating nerve cells in the brain to providing structure for cell membranes. The low-density lipoproteins (or LDL cholesterol) is responsible for the negative effects to the body.

You should take out eggs in your diet if you have high cholesterol.

When it comes to cholesterol-friendly diet, eggs are often regarded as the worst enemy. It is true that eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, containing more than two-thirds of the American Heart Association’s recommended daily limit, dietary cholesterol isn’t nearly as dangerous as was once thought. In fact, eggs are an excellent source of protein and good fats that nourish your heart. While you don’t want to overdo, eating an egg or two a few times per week can benefit your health.

Only older adults suffer from high cholesterol.

While high cholesterol is a common concern among the elderly, it can be experienced by younger people too, including children. Research shows that atherosclerosis or the narrowing of arteries can start as early as age eight. Children who are obese or overweight, have hypertension, or have a family history of heart disease, should have their cholesterol levels checked as soon as possible.

Food labelled with ‘0’ cholesterol is healthy.

Don’t be fooled by the food label. Just because it says ‘0’ cholesterol doesn’t mean it’s already good for your body and for your heart. Actually, what the label refers to is just dietary cholesterol which is just another contributor of high cholesterol levels. You know what can raise your LDL cholesterol levels even further? Bad fats. These are saturated fats that are present in most processed foods, sugary products, and fizzy drinks.

Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs prolong life.

There is no scientific research which proves that people who take statins live longer than those who don’t. In fact, medications can cause long-term negative effects to the body and can even worsen certain heart conditions. Adopting a healthy diet and exercising are the two major and most powerful ways to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

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