Easy Ways to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

By Lisa Franchi on February 15, 2017

We all get embarrassed by excess fats in our body, especially those thriving in our midsection. We call them ‘belly fats’. And it isn’t just irritating. Studies show that people who carry a lot of weight in their midsection are at an increased risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

And if you think that core exercises like squats, push-ups or crunches alone can make your belly fats go away, you’re wrong. There are some more things that you may need to do to trim those fats. But don’t worry, they’re not as hard as you think they are!

Here are some easy ways to reduce your belly fat fast:

Maintain good bowel health.

Sometimes, the bulge in our stomach is not due to excess fats, but could be a sign of constipation. Maintaining healthy bowel movement is necessary for having lean and healthy stomach. Eating foods that are rich in fibre and adding more fluids in your diet greatly helps.

Go for aerobic exercises.

Core exercises are great for toning the muscles in your stomach. But you want to trim the fats first before you work on your muscles. To burn fats effectively, focus on aerobic exercises. Research has shown that aerobic exercises like swimming and running is much more effective in reducing belly fats. Complement your workout with weight and strength training for better results!

Avoid sugary fizzy drinks.

Numerous studies have highlighted the negative effects of sugary drinks in our body, ranging from tooth decay to higher risk of diabetes and bigger belly fats. Here’s what happens when you consume a fizzy drink: your brain doesn’t register how many calories you have consumed, so you can fill up your stomach with as much sugar you can without feeling full. This results to fats, lots of fats in your body!

Up your protein intake.

If you want to reduce your belly fat, you will need to reduce your overall body weight. You can do that by adopting a healthy diet couples with regular exercise. One simple dietary adjustment you can make is to increase your protein intake and lower your carbohydrate consumption. There is also some evidence that protein is particularly effective against belly fat. Opt for protein-rich foods like vegetables, beans, lean meat, fish, and nuts or seeds!

Having belly fat is really frustrating. And it’s seriously dangerous too. Consider these smart tips to trim your waistline and boost your health.

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