What it’s Like to Have Quarter Life Crisis (And How to Overcome It)

By Lisa Franchi on December 08, 2016

You’ve probably heard so much about mid-life crisis. But even if you’re still in your 20s or 30s, you may already have a similar experience. Experts call it quarter life crisis. It happens when a person starts to feel doubtful about their own lives. It could have many reasons, but most often, it is brought on by the stresses of becoming an adult.

What do people dealing with quarter life crisis feel and experience?

They feel that they won’t ever accomplish their dreams in life. For many young adults, trying to reach their goals involve so much pressure. Add the fact that reality is always harder. There are more roadblocks in the way than expected. To overcome panic and disappointment, it is important that you remind yourself that you can achieve whatever goal you set. But you should also acknowledge the fact that it’s not going to be that easy. Instead of focusing on your failure, focus on the lessons that you’ve uncovered. Use them to make yourself better, improve your game plan, and get one step closer to your ultimate goals.

They compare themselves with others. And they can’t help it. Some people materialise their dream sooner than the rest of their peers. Some would have probably purchased their own home and car at the age of 25 while others might still be renting at the age of 30. But that isn’t because life is unfair. There are so many circumstances that surround each person. It isn’t really helpful to compare oneself with other people. Doing so doesn’t do any good. It could only spur hate and feelings of helplessness. Quit the habit of comparing yourself with others. You are unique and your circumstances are different. They don’t know the things you’ve gone through and you also don’t know what they’ve been through. Each one of us has our own share of ups and downs, and of wins and losses.

They lose touch with friends. People suffering from quarter life crisis generally feel that they are facing the world alone. They find themselves drifting apart from their friends as they think that they’ve lost common grounds, beliefs and values. The overwhelming stress of their day-to-day life also take away their enthusiasm to keep in touch with other people, have fun, and build friendships. Friendships are priceless treasures. We shouldn’t’ make them disappear from our world. In fact, it is during the most difficult moments in our life does friendships make more impact. Allow them to be part of your world. Do the same thing for them. Friends are a source of genuine happiness.

They feel that there’s always something missing in their life. Even if they are doing well at work, earning a decent income, and already have accomplished so many things, people who deal with quarter life crisis fail to appreciate all the good things that are happening in their lives. But gratefulness is actually a powerful tool against quarter life crisis and any other type of crisis or difficulty we experience. Seeing life in a positive note can bring us so much happiness and motivates us to do better each day.

If you feel like you are suffering from quarter life crisis and unable to manage it, getting therapy might be your best option. Psychotherapy allows you to identify behaviours and beliefs that aggravate your negative feelings, and develop ways to overcome them. 

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