Fun Mini Meditations You Can Practise Everyday

By Sharon Moore on March 11, 2014

When it comes to meditation, some people say that you should follow a strict routine to reap its healing and calming benefits. Whilst this is very true most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with making small tweaks in your meditation routine from time to time. Practising meditation shouldn’t always be that serious (like the way monks do). Meditation can also be practised in different and more fun ways. The most important thing is that you are giving yourself an opportunity to relax and slow down, to be kind to yourself, free yourself from past and future thoughts, and just pay attention to the present moment.

In her book, Self-Meditation: 3,299 Mantras, Tips, Quotes and Koans for Peace and Serenity, best-selling author Barbara Ann Kipfer gives some fun ideas to make meditation more fun and really enjoyable.

1.       Sit down and “become a human still life.” Don’t do anything. Just breathe.

2.       Focus on your sense of smell. Take something you really adore the smell of – a flower, an herb, or a food – and bring it closer to your nose. Focus on its smell. Notice the changes in the aroma. Notice the sensations it brings to your body.

3.       Focus on your sense of touch. Sit still and do nothing. Feel the air as it touches your face, your clothes touching your skin, your hands holding each other, and your feet against your shoes or the floor.

4.       When driving, focus solely on the experience – the seat, the steering wheel, the pedals, the fragrance inside your car, the road, the sound of the engine, and so on.

5.       Perform any of your daily routine – putting makeup, taking a bath, preparing breakfast, washing the dishes – with full attention.

6.       As you try to fall asleep, “imagine that with each breath you are melting into an ocean of light and space.”

7.       Let small chores serve as a ‘stop’ sign – signalling you to pause, breathe and relax. You deserve it.

8.       Practise self-love. Focus your attention to a part of your body you feel separated from or the one which is in pain. Acknowledge and accept it. And let your love for yourself ease the pain and make you connected to every part of your body.

9.       Picture your thoughts as balloons floating by.

10.   Visualise your mind as a swinging door – thoughts and feelings just come and go, like people do. Be the door, not the doorman. 

Hope these simple meditation exercises can take your mindfulness experience to a new level. Try to incorporate meditation in your daily life, no matter how busy you are (the more you need it anyway). You will be amazed and forever thankful of the reward.

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