Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Travel

By Lisa Franchi on May 28, 2013

Travelling is one of the luxuries in life that we all want to experience. But then again, it is full of pitfalls too. One false move and you end up feeling stressed and ‘depressed’. So before your holiday travel turns into a nightmare, here are some tips for you:

Book Early

This is the first crucial step to enjoying your holiday. If you’re an employee, you may want to apply for a holiday leave as early as you can especially if you know that most of your co-workers will be applying for the same date (especially if it falls on a Friday). As soon as you get an approval from your superior, go ahead and book your flight. Early bookings often come along with discounts and other exciting travel incentives.

Make Sure you’re in Good Shape

You really don’t want to travel when you’re sick! The airport officer may not even permit you to. So make sure to stay physically and mentally healthy. Learn to manage your daily stressors as they can take a toll on your health and weaken your immune system. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and don’t forget to exercise. While on a travel, wash your hands regularly using antibacterial soap especially if you’re in public places. Use a hand sanitizer if washing is not possible. Get a flu shot or vaccine ahead of time.

Prepare the Travel Essentials

There are some things you should never forget before leaving your home to enjoy your holiday travel. Among the most important stuff to bring are money of course, clothes, towel, travel documents, identification cards, mobile phone and other important gadgets, camera for photo ops, map, hygiene stuff, and a first aid kit.

Travel Light

You can’t enjoy exploring the new place whilst carrying bags that are heavier than you are! If you want to make your holiday travel stress-free, make sure to travel light. Two bags are enough (one is probably a stroller and another is a handbag or knapsack). If you’re going to your hometown and planning to buy your relatives some gifts, it can be helpful to ship those items ahead of time so you won’t be bringing them all with you. The fewer things you carry, the easier it is for you to monitor them.

Make a Plan B for Unexpected Delays

Delayed flights or trips are normal. It is important that you prepare for them mentally to minimise stress and anxiety. Make sure to have plenty of light snacks so you don’t aggravate your stress with hunger if you get stuck for longer hours. Tuck your earphone and turn on your playlist so you don’t get bored.

Don’t Forget, Others are Stressed Too

Remember that it’s not you alone who is vulnerable to stress. Everyone else on a travel is, especially during peak seasons. Just chill, relax, and wear a smile. They say positivity is contagious. Your smile might be the only thing that the irate passenger needs to overcome stress.

Leave Early

If you’re driving, you want to leave as early as possible to avoid traffic. If you’re travelling with kids, make sure they have something to do or get busy with so they don’t get bored. Turn the music on – it has stress-busting effect. Stop every now and then to stretch your legs, refocus and run a quick diagnostic on your car.

You only have a few days or weeks in a year to enjoy travelling. Make sure every holiday trip is worth the wait, time, money and effort. Enjoy a safe, fun and stress-free travel!

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