How to Make Your Partner Happy

By Helen Holmes on October 18, 2012

Why do some couples, despite being together for so many years, end up with a bitter separation? And why is it that some couples manage to stay happy and in love for a long, long time? There is no exact formula to a perfect relationship but there are so many ways to make yours better.

Couples should understand that every relationship is a give-and-take relationship. Treat your partner right and he or she will have no reason not to treat you right.

Enjoy the differences.

They say opposite attracts. But for many couples, accepting things about their partners that are in conflict with their personal beliefs is not an easy thing to do, and often leads to breakup or divorce. Even if the wife is an introvert hardcore business tycoon and the husband is an easy-go-luck extrovert artist, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy being together. No relationship will last if there is no acceptance.

Praise your honey.

Gents, when was the last time you said to your wife that she looked pretty on that dress? Ladies, when was the last time you told your husband how handsome he is? Sometimes, success in love is a simple as saying nice things about each other.  Make it a habit to give your partner a little recognition of all his or her efforts. Just a smile, a pat on the shoulder, a kiss on the cheek, or a word of appreciation can brighten up their day and ease the sadness away.

Before saying a negative remark – think twice!

Criticism is not bad especially if it’s done in a constructive way. But before you say something negative about your hubby or wife, think how you would feel if those words were directed to you. Always think hard and construct your statement in a way that your partner will understand without feeling bad. And most importantly, avoid saying negative remarks in front of other people.

Spend more time with each other.

Yeah, you’re both too busy with your careers and children, and there are bills to settle. But no matter how busy both of you are, take time to spend even just a few minutes each day focusing your attention to each other. It could be a warm cuddle in the morning, a sweet talk while drinking coffee, or a romantic date during weekend. Schedule a time that you will spend exclusively with your spouse. And when you’re with him or her, brush away the thoughts that keep you busy. Enjoy the moment like it’s your first date.

Agree to disagree

If you expect that your spouse will agree with you all the time, wake up, you’re in a dream! Happy couples understand that it’s natural that they do not get concurring opinions on various matters but because they accept each other, they live with it. During times when a decision has to take place and they have conflicting ideas, they talk, and not fight about it.

Surprises work!

Even if she doesn’t admit it, every woman loves seeing flowers on the bed when she wakes up or getting a basket of fruits and chocolates as she opens the door. Even men love surprises too. A man would want to go home seeing his favourite dish on the table prepared with love and kisses by his dear wife.

The happiest couples in the world aren’t the richest people. They are the ones who value each other, respect each other, and spend quality time together.


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