Natural Ways to Improve Sex Life - 10 “Love” Foods for More Satisfying, Enjoyable and Exciting Romance

By Sharon Moore on September 20, 2012

Every couple’s sex life has its own ups and downs. It could be the stress, unending obligations, financial matters, the kids, and many other things that lower down one’s desire for sex. But before considering filing a divorce to resolve the growing distance in bed, experts recommend trying the following “love” foods:

    1.       Chilli for sizzling romance

Chilli is considered an aphrodisiac food because it contains natural enzymes known as capsaicin that can actually spark up the libido. Capsaicin causes the heart rate to speed up and at the same time, stimulate the production of endorphins which take one’s sexual drive to the highest level!

2.       Get more sensual with figs

Many cultures associate figs with fertility. In ancient Greece, people considered figs to be more valuable than gold. Figs are known as sensual food because of their resemblance with the female sex organs. Figs are high in fibre as well which promotes weight loss. Couples who feel good about how they look are more likely to engage in passionate sex.

3.       Oysters – the love drug

Oysters and other seafood raises the dopamine levels in the brain. This substance is responsible for making the body seek for pleasure such as sex and food. Also, oysters are high in zinc which is essential in keeping testosterone levels high and producing quality sperms.

4.       Watermelon as a natural Viagra

Experts call watermelon as the new Viagra because it has the same effects with the said drug. According to Bhimu Patil, director of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre at Texas A&M University who studied the “love” effects of watermelon, the fruit contains citrulline amino acid which relaxes the blood vessels like Viagra does. It also promotes libido and improves cardiovascular health, he added.

5.       Chocolates for a more enjoyable sex

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was found that couples who eat a piece of chocolate a day find sex more enjoyable than those who didn’t. Aside from having antioxidants, chocolates also contain phenylethlamine which is linked to improved wellbeing and excitement. Instead of the regular candy bars, it’s much better to stick to dark chocolates as they are healthier and contain less sugar.

6.       Boost fertility with Strawberries

The colour of the fruit itself can already stimulate the couple’s sexual desires. But wait! There’s more! Strawberries are rich in vitamin B which is a key factor in producing healthy sperms. Men who have problems with sperm count will benefit from eating strawberries on a regular basis.

7.       Banana for greater endurance and higher sexual drive

Banana contains lots of vitamins and minerals. It has bromelain, a special enzyme that increases libido in men. Also, this sexy-shaped fruit stimulates mood and sustains energy which is needed to endure in a night of passionate romance.

8.       Asparagus to bolster sex drive

Aside from its suggestive shape, asparagus is considered a love food because it is high in folate. This essential enzyme is known to aid in the production of histamine, which in turn, bolsters sex drive.

9.       Eggs for a better sex experience

Omelette for honeymoon – why not? One study shows that eating eggs after sex immediately enhances the experience. Eggs are high in protein which is also important in keeping the sperm quality high. They are also rich in Vitamin B5 and B6. 

10.   Pumpkin seeds

Instead of chips, couples can have roasted pumpkin seeds as their midnight snack. Just like oysters, they are also loaded with zinc which keeps testosterone high. Pumpkin seeds also contain other minerals including vitamins B, E, C, D, and K.

With these natural ways of enhancing sex life, couples can enjoy every minute shared in bed without fearing about any unwanted side effects.


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