Researchers Found No Health Risks on Mobile Phones and Other Transmitting Devices

By Rebecca Lewis on September 14, 2012

A growing body of research suggests that electronics such as mobile phones, laptops and wireless networks have negative effects to the health. Some researchers linked them with higher risk of cancer, infertility, insomnia, and other serious diseases. It is believed that the radiofrequency energy emitted by these transmitting devices could be absorbed by the tissues closest to the area where the phone is held. On a new study however, scientists begged to disagree.

The Norwegian/Swedish Expert Committee, which conducted the study, assessed the health hazards associated with low-level electromagnetic fields that are generated by radio transmitters. These electromagnetic fields are commonly found in mobile phones, wireless, and networks. They also determined whether the threshold of the limit values for exposure is observed.

Their Findings:

•  The researchers found that the threshold limit values for the electromagnetic fields used in the mentioned devices were 50 times below the level that may cause the stimulation of the nerve cells. Based on existing policies, manufacturers should not exceed the limits the recommended by the International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

•  No proof was found that low-level electromagnetic fields around transmitters could increase the risk of cancer, infertility, reproductive damage, and other serious illnesses. They also found no evidence that it can cause brain tumours. After checking series of data, the researchers concluded that the use of mobile phones, even for a longer period of time, does not increase the risk of cancer. 

•  An illness, called electromagnetic hypersensitivity which is believed to be caused by overexposure to the field, is not caused by mobile phones or other equipment. According to the study authors, they do not intend to say that symptoms of this disease are only imaginary, but they might have some other causes. 

•  They also refute the claim that the field causes heating. The researchers said that electromagnetic fields have very low if not no heating effect at all. The warm felt by the skin is due to the battery and not from the transmitter, they added.

The assessment were based on published studies about electronics and their health risks, cancer registries, animal and human clinical trials, laboratory studies on cells and tissues, as well as population studies from different countries.

A little uncertainty

The researchers however acknowledge the fact that there is uncertainty on their assessments. For instance, there is a possibility that high exposure and extensive use of mobile phones for decades could pose some health risks. Still, they pointed out that such uncertainty is small, referring to studies that involved animals which have been exposed to the field all their life yet didn’t developed cancer.


Source of this article:

Mobile phones and wireless networks: No evidence of health risk found


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