Are You Having Too Much Mind? Overthinking and how it affects Our Life

By Amy Taylor on September 12, 2012

What separates us, humans, from the rest of the living organisms is our ability to use our mind in much more effective ways. The average human brain has around 100 billion neurons, aside from the other billions attached to the spinal cord. Studies show that our brain is as big as a regular pillowcase, only that it is crumpled so it fits to our skull. But, are these amazing capabilities permit us to overuse our brain? And if we do, is there anything to worry about?

Overthinking is not a good habit

Few of us are aware but most of the time, we tend to use our mind too much. Try walking with your eyes and mind focus on your feet and you are likely to trip yourself. Sometimes, overthinking is not necessary, especially on things that are already well taken-cared of by our brain such as our motor skills. Like for instance in a combat, although soldiers train prior the battle, they really don’t think much during the actual fight. The skills, strategies and movements will come naturally. That is one mysterious power of the brain. Our minds instruct our body to do involuntary actions that are aimed to protect ourselves. Sure, you don’t think about taking off your hand as you touch a very hot object, your reflexes do the job.

Based on these viewpoints, you can just imagine the negative effects of overthinking. Instead of keeping things under control, overthinking often spoils the situation. Worse, it stresses you out and makes you more prone to fatigue, anxiety and other mental disorders. People who have “too much of mind” are very likely to suffer from depression.

Women overthink more than men

Studies show that women and men differ in their approach to negative emotions. If men avoid them, women don’t. They face it, which often makes them suffer from extreme sadness. According to Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, a psychologist, women unfortunately get stuck in the negative emotions and suffer from hopelessness or immobility. This is why women are more likely to suffer from depression.

Hoeksema and her colleagues from the University of Michigan spent years studying how women deal with negative emotions. They found that women are far more likely to ruminate about the disappointments and stressors they encounter, and get stuck there. They have the tendency to suffer more because they go over the cause of the depression symptoms and question why they happen over and over again.

However, such rumination makes life harder and eventually damages the relationship, pointed out Hoeksema. Overthinking negative emotions or worries overwhelms an individual and interferes with their daily functioning and wellbeing.

What do women usually think too much about? There are so many things. These include their appearance, family, health, career, intimate relationship, etc.

Overthinkers tend to go over to what happened in the past in addition to the current situations, worries and fears they have for the present and for the future. Because of this, their mind is often clogged with unnecessary thoughts and emotions that in one way or another affect their life. 

If you feel like you have too much mind, this is the best time to slow down and slowly let go of those thoughts. Not thinking about your problems or worries doesn’t mean you are running away from them. You are simply giving your mind enough space to look for better solutions.


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