Combating Breast Cancer with Super Foods and Fresh Veg - Inspiring stories from two cancer survivors who chose not to undergo treatments in place of a healthy lifestyle

By Rebecca Lewis on August 17, 2012

Breast cancer, a very common life-threatening disease that affects thousands of women, is primarily treated using chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Dr Steve Kelly, an oncologist at the Detroit Hospital said that for the past 20 years, there has been a decline in the number of deaths among cancer patients, thanks to these treatments. But medications and surgeries aren’t the only way to address the disease and survive from it. In fact, without taking medications, one can survive. This is what Vicky Sewart and Jessica Richards proved in their battle against breast cancer.

Vicky Sewart and her super foods

Vicky Sewart, 44, who runs a jewellery shop in Plymouth, was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. Now, she stays in good health without any symptom of cancer. She successfully fought cancer without taking any drugs, which is very unusual for patients who are at risk of dying. So what did she do? There were only two things that made her recover after undergoing surgery – healthy diet and exercise. "It’s very unusual for breast cancer patients not to take the drug.” She said. Instead of taking Tamoxifen, she researched foods that were believed to fight cancer.

Her diet is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, plus a secret ingredient – turmeric! Yes, this tangy spice which is mainly used in curry dishes makes cancer cells commit suicide, claimed Vicky. Research has indeed shown that turmeric has antioxidants that help prevent cancer. But Vicky shows it doesn’t just help lower the risk but could actually assist in the treatment. Aside from adding turmeric on most dishes she prepares, Vicky also withdrew from all dairy products. She became vegan for a while and religiously followed her healthy diet routine.

Alongside these super foods, Vicky also included moderate exercise in her lifestyle. After the surgery, she started preparing foods from scratch and making her own body lotions made from natural ingredients. She also stopped using chemical-containing detergents and cleaners.

Currently, Vicky is the subject of a 5-year national research study on how lifestyle and diet can be used to speed up recovery from cancer, and prevent the disease from coming back.

Jessica Richards and her no-sugar, vegetable-packed diet

For most women, chemotherapy is an unavoidable aspect of treating breast cancer. Jessica Richards is the exception to this. This 55-year-old former model has survived cancer without taking drugs and undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, not even mastectomy. So what did she do? She made a complete overhaul on her diet.

Jessica took high doses of vitamin C, which is known to improve the immune system and build the body’s first line of defence against diseases, increased her vegetable intake, and cut out dairy produce and sugar. Guess what – within three weeks of strictly following her diet routine, her blood tests came back to normal and her tumour has gone to sleep.

Jessica also battled with arthritis. To cope with the disease, she avoided processed foods and anything that’s acidic. She fed herself with lots of vegetables, oils and whole grains.

At 50, Jessica found out she had cancer. A few years later, she developed pneumonia which left her weighing less than six stone. She even had an eye infection that caused one of her eyes to get blind. Thankfully, she was able to restore her sight with her self-devised eye exercises.

The doctors who assisted her advised Jessica to undergo chemotherapy as soon as possible because her tumour in the breast has gone very large.

“I kept asking questions about what kind of cancer I might have, what the next steps might be. Frustrated at the lack of information I’d been given, I hung up... I just shrugged and carried on with my journey, annoyed at the way I didn’t have the details I needed to take control.”

With the guidance of Mr Mark Kissin, consultant breast and melanoma surgeon at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and Dr Caroline Hoffman, clinical research director at Breast Cancer Haven, she switched from a generally healthy diet to a metabolic one, giving more focus on alkaline over acidic foods and cutting out sugar.

In 2008, she stopped undergoing hospital scans, and in February this year, her blood tests showed very good results, and she was told she doesn’t have to go back to the hospital for one year.

Vicky and Jessica just showed the world how magical the human body is, that even without relying much on medications, it heals. More scientific studies are needed to determine the precise role of diet in treating breast cancer. One thing is for sure – observing a healthy lifestyle makes a great difference.


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