Haemodialysis Renal Failure and the Benefit of Counselling

If you have end stage renal failure it means that your kidneys are no longer able to remove the toxins in your body through passing water, also you’re passing little or no water at all, meaning the fluid remains in your body.

The answer if your diagnosed with end stage renal failure would be the need for a substantial change in diet, fluid restriction and having to attend hospital usually 3 times a week for a 3-4 hour session on a machine which removed the excess fluid and toxins.  

Life changes with the above can be made more complex should your dialysis access become infected, stop working or become in some way ineffective.  There are cosmetic implications of having a neck catheter, femoral line graft or fistula. Libido may also be affected. 

Regular bloods and other treatments being required on regular bases all add to the possible stress and anxiety.

[NOTE: This is only a summary and not mean to be exhaustive or diagnostic]

There is the possibility of having a kidney transplant and although this has its implications and effects on life style, can lead onto a relatively normal life style.

Counselling can help assisting clients to prepare for the life style changes, and to accept the fact that dialysis is a necessity which will save their life, but will have a large impact on a physical and mental state (also possibly spiritual) on the individual.  It can help the client deal aspects such as needle phobia or fear of hospitals and medical staff.

Counselling can help you deal with lower sex drive and other intimate aspects.  Relationships between partners, children, family and friends will also be affected.

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