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Ever thought you behave like your mum or dad? Sometimes even cringing, because you really hated it when your mum or dad behaved in a particular way? It may be that you don’t like it, but it is normal, you are a product of the parental activities of your mum and dad, as well as the external environment you grew up in, including your friends, teachers, and other social interactions. 

Then one day you have your own kids and what happens? You do what you have witnessed yourself, whether this is good or bad. You have absorbed the knowledge of your parents in a non-verbal way sometimes, just seeing how it was done. You have learned a particular behaviour without even trying, not knowing that there are other ways too. This is how your mind was programmed, and it now runs that program over and over again. Some parts of this program will have come from how you felt about how your parents treated you, whether or not you were allowed to state your own opinions and be yourself, and some of it could have been a set of beliefs that you created while growing up. 

So OK, you think, what next then? How do I learn what I haven’t witnessed? Well, this is the tricky bit. This is why we have books, TV, websites, clubs, conferences even, and friends and spouses. The trick is to admit we are not perfect and we could benefit from different perspectives, new knowledge, and new ways of thinking. This is surprisingly the hardest thing to accept, the fact that we have not got all the knowledge in the world, and the openness to improve ourselves as human beings.

The good news is, once you have accepted you could do with more knowledge, the journey is much easier from then on. It is like an adventure, experimenting with different behaviours, and seeing different results. Exciting! Stimulating! Interesting to say the least. Do you want to try it? Book a session with Anna Finn, a fully qualified hypnotherapist and CBT therapist, to begin your journey to a whole new world of different behaviours. 

During Hypnosis you can do two things: assess how you have been behaving so far, removing any unnecessary baggage from the past, and move on to creating a brand new you. Come on, imagine yourself behaving in the ways you thought was not possible, getting on with your kids a lot better, and guiding them in their own journey! How brilliant is that?

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