Positive Thinking Cuts the Risk of Dying By Half, Study Finds

By Sharon Moore on February 17, 2012

We all know that positive thinking is good for our health. But did you also know that it reduces the risk of dying young by half?

Positive Thinking Promotes Healing, Experts Say

New research has confirmed what we long believed to be true – optimism promotes healing. When you think and feel that you are healthy, then you will be. On a very recent study, it was found that people who think of themselves as healthy individuals had lower risk of dying as compared to those who believe they are in ‘very poor’ condition. When analysing the results, the researchers also took into consideration that factors that affect life expectancy such as smoking, chronic diseases, and blood pressure.

Prior this, many studies have been conducted in the past that showed similar results. In a 10-year research conducted by Harvard psychologist Laura Kubzansky, it was revealed that men who have positive outlook in life reduced the risk of getting heart diseases by 50%. Another study which involved 8,000 participants had similar findings. In the said study, the respondents were asked to rate their health and were given medical check-up. Three years later, it was found that those with positive thinking are more likely to outlive pessimistic individuals. The reason for this is, according to experts, people who think positively tend to follow healthy practices such as exercising regularly, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and eating right.

Tips on Developing a Positive Outlook

There are events that take away the positive vibes in our life. That’s normal. As human beings, we’re prone to unwanted emotions such as anger, hopelessness, and sorrow. There are individuals who have the ability to remain positive despite everything while there are others who just can’t. If you’re having difficulties staying optimistic, here are some helpful tips:

·         Do something you love, everyday.

Spending just a few minutes for ‘silliness’ can really improve your mood. According to British GP Dr Rob Hicks, we need to spend at least 30 minutes every day doing things that give us pleasure. Whether it is watching your favorite TV series or singing out loud in your room, spending time doing what you love most is crucial in attaining more positive outlook.

·         Treat yourself!

Too much work can exhaust you to death. Plan to watch a movie this coming weekend so you get motivated the entire week. Giving yourself a little reward every now and then will inspire you to accomplish more work without frowning.

·         Laugh.

How many times do you laugh in a day? Studies show that genuine laughter can improve health. It is also proven to stimulate the production of endorphins which are the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain that makes us feel better.

·         Get some exercise.

Just like laughing, exercising boosts the release of endorphins. It also improves blood circulation which makes you physically fitter. Aside from these, studies show that exercising helps fight depression.

·         Eat healthy.

Feeding your mind and body with the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy is crucial in developing positive thinking. When you know you are healthy, you’re more likely to think and feel better.

Hope these simple tips will help you see the brighter side of life. Live longer and be happy!

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