Sunny Break Can Boost Fertility on Men and Women

By Rebecca Lewis on January 31, 2012

Many couples are spending lots of money on fertility treatments when going for a sunshine holiday can be the answer.

On a latest study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, it was revealed that staying out in the sun can boost fertility in both men and women. Vitamin D, which can be found in sunlight, can enhance the production of the hormones called oestrogen and progesterone in women and it can increase the sperm count in men. The study also showed that fertility rates go down during winter months in most European countries.

Vitamin D to Boost Fertility Levels

Women ovulate less during the winter season and there’s a minimal chance of implanting egg cells in their womb – said the researchers from Medical University of Graz in Austria. In the same study, they also found out that the levels of testosterone in men are at their peak during August and were lowest in March – the period just after winter. The researchers added that even though Vitamin D can be found in some foods like oily fish and eggs, people need more of the Vitamin D that is produced in a chemical process that happens when UVB rays is absorbed by the skin.

There were some studies conducted in the past that showed similar results. On a study on rats, it was found that female rodents that were kept in total darkness became less fertile and experienced pregnancy problems. And the male rats that were deprived of sunlight dropped their fertility rate by 73%. According to a leading fertility expert Zita West, they did over 800 vitamin D tests on couples and found out that around 70% of them are deficient.

Ways to Get More Vitamin D

Getting sufficient amount of Vitamin D has always been a problem in the UK and some other European countries. According to Oliver Gillie, director of the Health Research Forum, majority (which is around 86%) of people in Britain are getting less Vitamin D. In fact, there’s no Vitamin D produced in the skin during the long winter season. Fortunately, there are several ways for people to get enough of this essential vitamin. The lead author of the study, Dr Elisabeth Lerchbaum said that couples trying to conceive should spend more time outside in the sun or drink Vitamin D supplements instead. These are cheaper and much safer ways to improve fertility. However, she also stressed that overexposure to sunlight can be harmful to one’s health as it can trigger the onset of skin diseases and skin cancer.

Going out of country for a sunny break can be a great way for couples to conceive. Instead of undergoing expensive treatments like IVF, couples are encouraged to try arranging a summer holiday first. These sunshine getaways will not just give couples more intimate time for each other, these can also boost their Vitamin D levels and increase the chance of successful pregnancy.

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