Mood for Thought - New Year’s Resolution

So this is it, 2011 came and went…and time is already racing through January of the New Year. Good excuse to have a review of how last year went, whether thinking it to yourself, or sharing your thoughts with a friend over a bottle of wine…

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to remember all the negative things, all the bad events that have happened, and re-live all the bad memories, when you felt inadequate and frustrated, and maybe sad or upset, maybe struggling with finances, or work, or family and friends…and every time you have those sad thoughts, you can see the situation so vividly, you can almost touch the people there… and yes, the emotions come flooding back, maybe even in the form of tears…

And then, same as every year in January, wherever you look around, you see New Year Resolutions: lose your fat, stop smoking, drop your bad habits, etc. etc. so frustrating, you are just pushed to thinking you were nothing but a failure last year…

But hold on, that is not all that happened last year! Wipe your tears, blow your nose, come on, give us a smile! Remember the laughs you had with your friends, your achievements, your brand new experiences that taught you something new…and feel the feelings of pride, or joy, or confidence enter your heart, almost like a miracle!

And this is a secret that not many people know, even though it has been proved many times over, by many researchers: what you are thinking right here, right now, influences how you feel almost instantly, without fail! No kidding! Remember the fun you had with your best friend on a night out (or better still getting those bargain boots on sales), or that brilliant outfit you looked gorgeous in, and look in the mirror – you are smiling! Yes, you are smiling!

So maybe you need to sit down and really think about your New Year Resolutions this year! Maybe losing the flab should be a bit further down your list. And for now you could simply be your best friend. How about these two simple, but enormously powerful techniques:

1.  Be your Best Friend: Write down negative thoughts that you are thinking, anything that comes into your conscious mind, and imagine your best friend has said them to you. How would you react? Write down next to each of them what you would say to your friend, and then read them aloud! You will be surprised at how much more critical you seem to be to yourself than to your friend!

2. Colour negatives a lighter colour: Look at each of those negative thoughts that you took a note of, and then write down next to it a more positive version of it. For example:’ I am fat’ turn into ‘I have a few pounds to lose’, or ‘Nobody likes me’ could be re-written into ‘Sue and Mat don’t like me, but I’m good friends with Ann’! Feel the difference as you erase the original versions and read out loud the new more positive thoughts! Not that bad is it?

Mind is a powerful tool, use it to your best advantage! How about this as a good New Year Resolution? I like that! I like that a lot! That’s what I call mood for thought! Happy New Year!


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