Natural Therapy for All’s Top 10 Health Topics in 2011

By Monica Wilson on January 04, 2012

The year 2011 has been a splendid year for most of us despite some of the negative things that happened in and out of the country. Here at Natural Therapy for All, the past year has been a great time of sharing information and news about our mental and physical health. And before we finally say goodbye to year 2011, let’s take a look back at the top 10 best health topics we published for the whole year! 



1.       Laughter to ease the pain

If you find no reason to laugh, think of this – laughter’s the best medicine and it does a lot of positive effects on your health. It also helps alleviate chronic pain. Nonetheless, experts warned that only genuine laughter can make the pain go away.

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2.       Arguing for healthier relationships

Don’t worry if you and your partner seem to argue more often. It has benefits too! On a research conducted at the Michigan University, it was revealed that arguing helps people cope with stress by relieving body tensions.

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3.       Becoming a dad makes men better

Sometimes, it takes two or more blows for us to go away with unwanted habits. But for men, there’s one effective way to do this – being a dad! A 20-year study showed how fatherhood transforms a man to a better person.

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4.       Eat wholegrain cereals and cut your bowel cancer by 20%

High fibre diets like cereals and whole grains CAN reduce the risk of bowel cancer. But according to experts, fruit, vegetables and lentils have no effect.

Read the full story: New Study: Only HIGH Fibre Diet Reduces Risk of Bowel Cancer 


5.       Positive effects of singing

Joining a choral group makes amazing changes on your life. New study suggests that it can even lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease!

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6.       Green tea’s better than vaccine

If you feel like you’re having flu, prevent it by drinking green tea. Recent findings show that it does better than vaccine!

Read the full story: Green Tea Supplements Fight Flu Infections Better than Vaccinations 


7.       ’What is Zumba’ became one of the top UK ’What Is…?’  searches

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that promotes wellness in the most enjoying way. Want to learn some of its basic steps and find out why Zumba makes Brits happy?

Read the full story: Zumba: Why Does Dancing and Exercising Make You Happy


8.       Raw food for the brain

Did you know that just one banana is enough to fuel your brain for a hard day’s work? On a latest study conducted in England, it was found that eating raw foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables boost brain function. It also aids in memory loss.

Read the full story: Raw Foods for the Brain and How They Increase Mental Performance


9.       The bright side of anxiety

Worries, fears, and tension – these are things we don’t want to experience. We hate it when our hands feel cold when we speak in class or when butterflies rumble in our stomach when our boss asks as to do a report. However, anxiety can be good for our health too.

Read the full story: Understanding Anxiety: When Does Anxiety Become Good for Your Health? 


10.   Shaking off excess pounds after Christmas

It’s the thought of family reunions, get-togethers, and of course – the sweet savoury dishes that make us go hungry during Christmas. But experts say it may take THREE months to burn the fats brought by a single Christmas lunch!

Read the full story: How to Lose Excess Festive Weight

This 2012, we commit ourselves in providing you with more quality articles that will help you live a beautiful and healthy life.

Happy New Year! 


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