How to Lose Excess Festive Weight

By Helen Holmes on December 29, 2011

The Christmas season happens only once a year. There’s no wonder why many of us prepare for this festive day. Ham and cheeses are everywhere. Sweets, pies, chocolates, and cookies – everyone’s excited to grab a bite! But did you know that a single Christmas lunch can take you three months to burn off the fats?

It takes Three Months to Burn a Caloric Christmas Lunch!

On the latest study sponsored by MSN, it was revealed that it takes depressing three months before we can shake off the extra pounds we gained during festive occasions like Christmas. On the survey conducted, it was found that an average Brit consumes 2,300 calories during Christmas lunch which is equivalent to 2-3 servings of food. To add, the foods we usually prepare for holidays contain the highest amount of fats and calories! On the survey conducted by MSN, three quarters of those who were asked said they over-indulge during Christmas even though they understand that they will gain weight for the coming months. Well, it’s just the lunch that researchers focused on. We still have some other caloric foods to beat – chocolates, nuts, candies, and of course, the alcohol!

Losing Excess Festive Weight

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent the possibility of gaining so much weight this Christmas. To help you out, here are some of them: 

1. Slow down and enjoy your meal. According to nutritionist Dora Walsh, one way to cope with the caloric meals this Christmas is to eat slowly and enjoy your meal. Remember that it takes 30 minutes before your brain recognises that you’re full.

2. Stay active. If you can spend at least thirty minutes or so in a stationary bike or a treadmill, you will be more in control of your weight this festive season. If you don’t have access to this machine, engaging in physical activities will suffice. For instance, you might want to take a walk. For every 10,000 steps, you’re actually burning 400 calories!

3. Less is more. Don’t be afraid to get hungry. After the eating galore, it’s not unusual to crave for more foods comes January and the proceeding months. You see, humans are habit-oriented. However, you may want to try resisting your appetite. It is hard (really hard in the beginning) but eventually, you can form the habit of eating les

4. Don’t skip meals! If you think you will lose weight by killing yourself of hunger, you’re only activating your body to store more fats! The best diet plan is to eat less frequently. A hearty and healthy breakfast will give more energy for the day.

5. Increase your fibre intake. Fibre helps you lose weight by enhancing your metabolism and curbing your appetite. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of fibre.

6. Hydrate. Drinking lots of water can make you feel full even if you ate less.

Losing excess festive weight can really be a challenge especially if you only have the chance to taste those scrumptious dishes during holidays. But by taking track of your weight and taking control over your taste buds, you can fight weight loss and even lose weight this coming New Year!   

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