Popular Christmas Gifts Wi-Fi Laptops, Cell Phones and iPads May Increase Cancer and Infertility Risks

By Amy Taylor on December 01, 2011

Christmas is fast approaching and many people especially the young ones are starting to make their own wish lists. Topping the lists are high-end gadgets such as Wi-Fi laptops, cell phones, and iPads. But new studies suggest that these cordless devices may increase cancer and infertility risks.

The culprit behind these gadgets is the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation or EMR. This is something that cannot be seen nor felt. While these Wi-Fi devices release EMR levels which are generally safe, too much exposure to it can greatly affect the user’s health. The investigation was carried out by the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) – a non profit organisation that focuses on carrying out educational research.

High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone or a tablet pc. Even young children who don’t know how to read and write yet know how to make use of these devices. During special occasions – birthdays, holidays, Christmas, everyone would look on the web to check out the coolest model of touch screen androids at their coolest prices.   One of the interesting features of these gadgets is their ability to freely access the internet on certain locations.

In most cities, there are telecom towers constructed within 4 mile radius of the dwellers houses. And every tower emits EMR. One study in Germany showed that people who live within 1,300 feet of two telecom or microwave towers are three times at risk of developing cancer in 10 years! Some more studies in the UK, Australia, and in Italy explained how EMR exposure can aggravate leukaemia or increase the people’s risk to it.

The negative effects of radiation that is emitted by most electronic devices are not new. Many studies have been conducted talking about EMR. In fact, the government has implemented strict guidelines on IT manufacturers about EMR exposure. On the EHT study, it was revealed that the current amount of EMR released by telecom towers and antennas can make rapid changes on the cellular communications of the body which then leads to cancer and many other diseases. Scientists also believe that too much exposure on EMR is one of the reasons why there are a growing number of cancer cases in the past years. They added that exposure to electromagnetic radiation doubles every year.

Another health problem associated to EMR exposure is infertility. In a UK lead by the researchers from University of Sheffield, it was found that men who regularly use laptops with Wi-Fi on their laps are at risk of having infertility issues.

HPA is monitoring Wi-Fi Safety

In UK, almost every place has Wi-Fi. Most of the public places from the malls to coffee shops to restaurants to schools to hospitals have their own Wi-Fi equipment. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) in UK has their eyes on the safety of Wi-Fi. According to HPA, people who are using Wi-Fi and even those who live in proximity of any Wi-Fi facility or source can be exposed to EMR. Every time they are exposed to these, their bodies absorb certain amount of the transmitted agency which adversely affects their health.

Ways to Avoid Overexposure to EMR

UK fertility expert Dr Allan Pacey advised to use a laptop on a table where possible. Other ways to avoid EMR include using a hard-wired broadband connection instead, replacing cordless phones with a hard-wired phone, reducing cell phone use or even taking anti-radiation diet like sea vegetables kelp, dulse and seaweed or their supplements, which are excellent sources to reduce the risk for radiation exposure.

More information about the negative effects of EMR can be found at BBC News and Wikipedia.

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