Hope and Optimism

August 15, 2011

The science of optimism- it’s all in your head!

The best thing about being human beings is that we have the power to feel good about ourselves. We can control our mind and if we wanted to, we can destroy all those troubles away. That is- we all have the incredible power to believe and hope for the best. Insignificant as it may seem, hope and optimism are great ways to live longer, healthier, and happier.

It makes you healthier!

A lot of research can confirm how hope and optimism make people healthier. A study in the US which was later published in the journal of American Heart Association found out that optimists are less likely to develop coronary heard disease (CHD) and less likely to die. Another research conducted by experts from Harvard University confirmed that women who are optimistic live longer than those who are not. Basically, people with very positive mindset experience less stress merely because they believe in their abilities and they always think that good things are soon to happen.

On a controlled study performed by the experts from University of Pennsylvania, it was found out that people who learned to maintain optimism may not only avoid depression but also improve their physical wellness.

According to psychologists, people are naturally inclined to think about life positively. Despite the increasing rate of divorce, the many women think about marriage as a dream come true despite. Surprisingly, positive outlook give sick people some sort of healing potential. It was discovered long time ago that cognitive therapy that includes the reformation of how a person thinks work better than drugs and produces long-lasting effects rather than a temporary fix.

The Law of Attraction: Positive Begets Positive

The law of attraction simply means you attract in your life anything you think about. That means when you think you are healthy, you are loved, and you will somehow attain your goals, you can always have all these things. If you think you have enough money, you’ll have more than to spend for.

Hope and optimism bring you closer to people you love

Lastly, optimism about things strengthens one’s relationship with the family, friends, and other people. Hope and optimism do not just rest on your mind. They reflect on your body and your actions too. Hardships, feuds, and misunderstandings are normal to every family. People who have positive attitude see these things not as difficulties but as challenges. They see these things as opportunity to establish a deeper relationship with the people they love.

There are so many reasons why you need to stop frowning and paint a BIG smile on your face. Maybe it’s time to start your day looking at the mirror saying- ‘Today I’ll be better. ’

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