10 Ways to Beat the Stress on Holidays

August 08, 2011

Sun is out. Restaurants and hotels are ready with their featured gourmet in the season. Beach resorts are sending out promo coupons. Holiday getaways have all been set to make your vacation the most wonderful and unforgettable time off.

But surprising to say, not all Brits experience the same thrill and excitement on the fast-approaching holiday. According to a research conducted by Investors in People, an organization that works with different businesses or companies to enhance performance of the workforce, the prospect of leaving work in the UK gives employees stress, anxiety, and severe exhaustion. It was reported that about 51% of workers do overtime just to catch up for the holiday.

Aside from working extra hours at work, the onset of the holiday season leaves so many people feeling depressed. The special holiday escapades featured in televisions and aired in the radio seem to project a perfect holiday venture- luxury trips in a private yacht, lavish dinner near the sea, a wonderful night sleep at a five-star hotel. Good if we all have all the money in the world. Good if people don’t have the household bills to pay, no children to send to school, no other expenses. Unfortunately, the mere fact that holiday means spending makes a lot of people sad.

However, there are so many things that you can do to beat the stress on the coming holiday season.

1. Plan Ahead

Holiday vacation requires planning. If you don’t want to run into trouble of rushing in the last minute, take time to talk to your family about where you plan to go this holiday and what you intend to do.

2. Check out for promo Trips!

If budget is your problem, there are thousand ways to save. There are places which will make you feel you’re living a luxury life while the cost s very low. Watch out special holiday promos and you will surely find the perfect place without having to spend much.

3. Hand over your work properly

The holiday season is the best time to get away from the stress in the workplace. Before you leave, hand over the work to your colleagues properly. Make sure to inform them about your leave so they don’t bombard your inbox.

4. Talk about what makes you stress during holidays

What are your worries and fears during the holiday season? Is it your pending paperwork in the office? Is it the budget? Is it the fear of flying? There are numerous reasons why people get stressed even on holidays. During the planning time, make sure to talk about these things. In an open conversation with your family, you can always find ways to beat the stress.

5. Make the holiday Extraordinary

A study made by the psychologists in Campbell Keegan, a London-based research consultancy, UK vacationers want to “truly get away” by travelling to an environment that contrasted starkly with their normal routine. Going to far-flung places or perhaps another country can be a great idea. But if you fear flying just like most of the people, you can visit hot spots in the country you’ve never been to before.

6. Take vacation from vices

Smoking and drinking alcohol beverages just worsen the depression and anxiety during the holiday. Make the season as healthy as it can be. Always aim for the good times.

7. Take extra care

The American Psychological Association (APA) recommends vacationers to take care of themselves during the holiday season to keep the body and mind stress-free. Be sensitive to your needs and feelings. Participate in holiday activities which you find enjoying and very relaxing. Moreover, give time for yourself to rest and have enough sleep.

8. Learn something at the end of each day

Engage in an activity that will help you find what you’re looking after yourself. Holiday is the best time to contemplate and make things better.

9. Focus on strengthening relationship in the family and not just pure recreation

A lot of people save too much for the holidays only to find out they’re not happy about it. This season should be a time not just for family bonding. Holiday must also be the perfect time to mend family matters and strengthen the relationship. It doesn’t have to be luxurious but it has to be something special.

10. Experience is the best teacher

Identify the stressors that you encountered at the end of the holiday and plan for long-term solutions. You will surely find better ways to cope with stress as you look forward to holiday seasons each year.

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