9 Ways to get Over an Emotional Affair

August 01, 2011

Every relationship revolves in a strong emotional connection. It is a vital component of a solid and meaningful relationship. When one partner isn’t committed to keeping that connection, the bond that keeps the relationship together starts to weaken, leading to emotional instability. Emotional affair may not be an alarming condition but it can lead to something worse- separation.

Is there really such thing as ‘emotional affair’?

Most of the time, people believe that affairs have something to do with sexual infidelity. So when a person is in a committed relationship with someone and he/she enters in an intimate relation with someone else, we call it an affair. However, an affair doesn’t just have to seen through physical acts. Creating a relationship with another person does not necessarily have to include sexual interaction. There are times that a ‘friendship’ may be called an affair already. To be precise, it’s an emotional affair. Emotional affair may be noticed when one partner seems to be secretive in his/her interactions with other people, preference of a friend over the partner, and a weakening romantic bond.

Couples should never allow an emotional affair to ruin their long-cherished relationships. This kind of affair isn’t something that they can just ignore. If you’re into the same situation, you can always find away to revive your relationship. With full determination, you and your partner can end up together with even stronger bond.

1. Talk it over a cup of coffee

A most common myth in solving relationship problems is to ignore about the issue and keep moving on. Lack of communication can just worsen the situation. Give time to talk about things in your relationship. Both of you might be very busy that you forget to intimately talk about your future, the kids, and sweet nothings. What about a cup of coffee in the morning? Being honest about what you feel towards each other is indispensable in a committed relationship.

2. Revive the Spirit of Excitement

Look back to the old days. Refresh your mind with the reasons why you end up living with your partner in the first place. You must have been very in love with him/her then. Boredom and loss of excitement is usual especially in long-term relationships. But never let them destroy your relationship. Think of things you haven’t done together. Why not travel and go to a special and romantic place? Sometimes, emotional affair begins when a partner seeks for something that’s ‘missing’ in the relationship. By reviving the excitement, you and your partner are also reviving the romance toward a healthy and beautiful relationship.

3. Mind over Matter

Whenever you feel infatuated with someone else, think of the outcome before doing anything else. You can get heavily fascinated with your new officemate or your high school sweetheart but it could be nothing more than attraction.

4. In love, honesty is still the best policy

Getting over an emotional affair requires 100% honesty. Honesty is what will make your relationship work. No matter how hard it is, being true about your partner will eventually make things right.

5. Forget about the ‘other’ (completely)

Of course, you can’t move on if there are things that will still remind you of the ‘other person. If your partner knows about the affair, it is just fair to prove to him/her, you’ll make things right once more. Remember that your mate deserves all your affection, time, and attention.

6. Face the loneliness ALONE

When you’re lonely, troubled and down; and you just can simply confide it on your mate, your thoughts might go away from your old self and you might seek for someone to fill in that loneliness. While it can be a good idea, it’s never the right thing to do when you’re in a committed relationship. Whenever you’re surrounded by loneliness, face it alone.

7. Re-establish the emotional connection

Reviving a damaged relationship means re-establishing the emotional connection that you once had. You must entirely commit yourself with your partner and slowly pick up the broken pieces.

8. Remind yourself that you are a COMMITTED partner

Sometimes, we forget things and it is not until we deeply think of them will we realize things well and make the right decisions. Whenever you feel like you’re falling into another emotional affair with someone, think about things that your relationship has brought to your life. Think of the people who care for you and weigh your feelings.

9. Give it your best shot!

And at last, give it your best shot. You deserve second chance that’s why you have it. So never miss the opportunity to make things better. Show your partner how happy you are in the relationship and that issues are mere sad aspects of the past and today is what matters most.

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