Stopping the Consequences: Acupuncture and Diabetes

June 30, 2011

It’s all over the news- according to a study published by Lancet; 350 million people in the world and counting are suffering from diabetes. This alarming situation only shows that diabetes is becoming a major health problem that is slowly threatening the globe.  One of the authors of the study, Professor Majid Ezzati from the Imperial College of London, pointed out that “diabetes is one of the biggest causes of mortality worldwide” and according to him, it is the most prevalent burden of the global health care system. Western Lifestyle on Diabetes According to the American Diabetes Association, in every 22 seconds, a new case of diabetes is diagnosed. There’s really no wonder why diabetes is becoming more widespread.  Many experts believed that the rapid increase on the rate of diabetes is accounted on the western lifestyle that is being observed today especially by developing nations.  It’s seems like almost all countries are dominated by fast food chains and fancy restaurants were the most celebrated menus are rich in fat and cholesterol.  More of foods and less physical activity- this phenomenon is practically the leading cause of diabetes. An ordinary employee would wake up at 6am, he’ll hurry to the office, grab a tasty and beefy burger and brewed coffee; once at work, will spend almost 8 hours in front of the computer, will stand up from time to time to take a bite of sumptuous meals (cheesy pizza with lots of pepperoni and cola).  Before going home, he’ll drop by at the nearest convenient store to buy some cookies and noodles or perhaps will have his dinner at the Kentucky Fried Chicken’s station.  At home, as he watches his favorite baseball game, he munches on his chips with a big glass of soft drinks.  This is life.  Same routine happens tomorrow.  And on weekends- that’s a different story.  That’ll be beers and friends and food... Diabetes is the result of insufficient blood sugar content that can lead to several complications such as heart diseases, kidney and nerves malfunctions, and problems in the retina.  Sad but true, an average of 3 million deaths happen each year just because of diabetes. The same study published in the Lancet held that the most common type of diabetes is the Type 2 which accounts for 85-95% of the cases and is generally associated with the rising rate in obesity. Stopping the Consequences: Acupuncture to Help Diabetes There were many arguments- does acupuncture really help diabetes?  There have been much scientific evidences which proved that this Chinese alternative therapy (which is presently accepted and recognized even by the medical science) helps diabetic patients by:

  • lowering the glucose content in the blood
  • controlling the release of pancreatic glucagons
  • relinquishing polyphagia (drive to eat much)
  • relieving polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyurua (excessive urination)

Acupuncturists have recognized 20 acupoints in the body that affects the lowering of blood sugar.  In many cases of diabetes treatment, acupuncture is accompanied by Chinese and herbal therapies.  Aside from diabetes, acupuncture has been proven to help related diseases such as hypertension. Aside from acupuncture, the best way to combat this life-threatening disease is to defy its cause.  Green and healthy lifestyle, proper exercise, happy relationships- these are the best life cures that one can’t just ask from the doctor.

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