Benefits of Meditation

By Elena Komskyte on May 10, 2011

Meditation is the secret to success for various scholars and celebrities due to a single meditation benefit that keeps the mind clean and free from psychological disorders. The meditation benefits experienced can increase day to day with regular practice. It is the ultimate source of peaceful mind. At the same time, Chakra meditation is the finest meditation technique to improve health and mental conditions. There are various methods to meditate and experience the spiritual benefits of meditation, which is supreme enlightenment. The meditation benefits are classified into three types, which are health benefits, psychological benefits and spiritual benefits. Physical Health Meditation Benefits It is proven that regular meditation results in various health benefits, most of which are caused by emotional distress. Physical medical conditions are at times the reflections of inner turmoil.

  • Healthy heart: A healthy heart is what everyone needs to live longer. Meditation can result in improving the heart conditions and making it strong and healthy.
    • Lowers blood pressure: Due to increase in blood circulation, high blood pressure and heart rates are lowered.
    • Prevents Atherosclerosis: Meditation lowers the levels of lipid peroxide in the body, preventing atherosclerosis and other chronic heart disease.
    • Lower Cholesterol levels: Meditation with regular exercise can lead to fat burning resulting in lowering cholesterol levels.
    • Health benefits in women: Various physical complaints such as PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and other common health problems such as headaches and insomnia can be eased with meditation.
    • Healthy Lung and Brain: Various studies have proven chakra meditation has the effects to supply adequate amount of oxygen and blood to lungs and brain helping to maintain it healthy and strong and preventing all chronic diseases.
    • Relief from Pain: Chakra meditation is practiced by focusing various body parts and has the ability to reduce pain from the body.

Psychological Meditation Benefits

  • Better Emotional Stability: One of the major meditation benefits is the ability to handle emotions without any difficulties.
    • Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Chakra meditation is the best practice to clear all the hidden worries and problems from the inner heart. Relaxed and clean mind has the power and ability to reduce stress, anxiety and depression levels.
    • Self-Control: Meditation helps to cleanse and clear mind easily especially die to the adequate supply of oxygen to brain.
    • Increased Concentration: One of the main benefits of meditation is its power to increase the concentration levels, which helps to focus strong.
    • Happy mind with Optimistic thoughts: Meditation reduces emotional problems and increases happiness in mind. With happy and optimistic thoughts, you would not have pessimistic thoughts and feelings.

Spiritual Meditation Benefits Meditation types such as chakra meditation can transform a person and provide a new life. Meditation has the ability to create a new inner feeling and realize the purpose of life.

  • Unconditional Love: With regular and proper meditation, one can attain and give away unconditional love, which will help to live in peace and harmony.
  • Purpose of Life: Meditation has the ability to make you realize your purpose of life allowing you to understand deeper and fulfill your purpose.
  • Superior Knowledge: With clean and clear mind and positive thoughts, you will be able to make correct and most appropriate decisions always. You will be able to make correct spontaneous decisions.
  • Enhanced Abilities: Meditation has the abilities to enhance your psychic abilities.

About the author: Elena is meditation and yoga student with her blog, where she puts all her knowledge and experience and tries to write about meditation and yoga on a bit different angle. That is, to relate yoga and meditation with a problem or some important aspect of human’s life, then I deeply describe how yoga or meditation can help or eliminate that problem. So that makes her blog a practical place that‘s beneficial and comprehensive for the readers.

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