Happiness is U-Shaped: Facts about Happiness

By Linda Salmon on April 28, 2011

Happiness- it’s the feeling of elation, the feeling of being on top of everything. Happiness is what you feel when you get hired to a high-paying job. Happiness is what you feel after acquiring a lucrative apartment in the uptown world. Triple happiness is what you feel when you won the lottery. However, after awhile you just realize that after having all these things, you still find something’s missing...

Happiness: smile shape transition

Research shows that an individual’s happiness passes a smile-shaped transition. A lot of people start off happy, tend to become less happy when they get to their 40s and climb up to happiness again in their 50s. Generally, men are happier in their teens but such level of happiness declines as they get older. This transition is the opposite of women who are likely to experience much happiness as they get older.

Good weather means good mood

The warm season has started early this year in Britain and the glorious sunshine improves everyone’s mood. Considerable researches show some connection between weather and mood and found out that people’s emotions are susceptible to the weather. Most feel low when it’s cold but mostly are active during sunny days. Waking up early on a sunny morning can greatly lighten up one’s mood all through the day.

Pain is part of happiness

There’s a rainbow always after the storm. The reason why a lot of people end up unhappy is because they can’t seem to accept the fact that frustrations, disappointments, and losses are part of life. Many people tend to get overwhelmed by sad experiences that they no longer appreciate little things that make them happy.

The secret to happiness is sharing

Life without giving is like love without kisses. Giving is better than accepting. Most studies revealed that humans tend have deeper feeling of happiness when they give. Social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn of the University of British Columbia said that effects of selfless spending are probably similar to exercising. Giving once might make a person happy for a day but making it a habit can make everlasting difference.

Sweet talks

Studies show that children who often chat with their dads are happier than those who don’t. A strong parent-and-child relationship depends on how often they communicate with each other and how often they bond. Talking about simple to serious topics such as personal relationships, career and ambitions are likely to increase one’s inner sense of happiness.

You can’t buy happiness

In a film starring Jim Carrey, he said “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”. It seems true indeed. Remember the smile shaped happiness? One’s level of happiness transcends no matter how much a person strives to look for constant happiness. It is just like the feeling of buying a luxurious car; there will be flowing enthusiasm, overtime to save some cash. There’s tremendous happiness in the first days or weeks, maybe months. But as years pass by, the excitement gradually slips down until there’s no happiness at all. Earthly pleasures are only temporary but generosity gives everlasting joy.

It is by man’s nature that he seeks happiness as his ultimate end. But it is his choice that defines it.

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